The Ford Escape continues to be one of the most well-received compact SUVs on the market, with dozens of class-leading features to its credit. Its convenience features are particularly appealing to many of our Tri-Star Ford Kittanning team members with families. Here are two convenience features that explain why.

Automatic Self-Parking

Vehicles that park themselves perfectly have arrived, and the Escape leads the pack with its dynamic, textbook parking tech called Active Park Assist. With Active Park Assist, the Escape accelerates, brakes, shifts, and steers as needed to back you gracefully into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot. Now, with the kids in tow for trips in Kittanning, PA, getting into a parking spot safely is no longer a concern.

Hands-Free Liftgate

The Escape's hands-free liftgate comes in handy on big shopping days or during pre-road trip packing. As long as the fob is in your pocket, you only have to kick your foot under the bumper: the liftgate opens smoothly, letting you load up the Escape's roomy cargo area without having to fumble for keys.

See the Ford Escape's hands-free liftgate in action today during a fun test drive at our dealership. We hope to meet you soon.

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