Exploring Your Options for Hauling and Terrain with the Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer is an SUV that offers a rugged appearance, a spacious interior, and exceptional capability features that allow for hauling cargo almost anywhere in Kittanning, PA. There is a new RWD design that provides more support in the back of the vehicle when you're pulling heavy objects on the road.

Instead of a few gears to change through, the Explorer has a 10-speed transmission that allows the vehicle to carefully reach proper speeds without damaging the powertrain. The 3.0L EcoBoost engine also provides support for the SUV, especially when you're navigating steep hills.

Larger tires on the SUV make navigating rugged terrain a bit easier along with the upgraded transmission. A Terrain Management system adjusts to the various road conditions you're traveling on including snow, rain, and sand. This feature allows you to keep your eye on the road while the vehicle's four-wheel-drive is engaged when needed. Tri-Star Ford Kittanning can show you the details of this feature when you explore the capability options available.

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