It's a great moment when you realize that you are behind the will of a vehicle that meets the expectations you have for an amazing driving experience. It encourages you to drive around Kittanning, PA simply for the joy of driving. A lot has been done with the 2018 Ford Edge to make it the kind of vehicle that drivers love.

The beauty of the Ford Edge lies in refinements and innovations. Many will be surprised when they settle in behind the wheel and realize that the standard gearshift is no longer there. It has been replaced with a new rotary e-Shifter. Implementing this dial has opened up space for better access to cupholders, storage, and the conveniently placed USB port.

The Ford Edge has also undergone a redesign. This year drivers will be greeted with a bolder, sportier look. Alterations of the hood, wheels, body, and grille were done to achieve this new look.

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