Cruise Around Town Confidently in a Ford EcoSport

If you need a highly efficient SUV in Kittanning, you may want to consider buying the Ford EcoSport from Tri-Star Ford Kittanning. This very agile automobile performs well on a variety of terrains during adventures in different environments.

When you drive the Ford EcoSport up very steep hills, its hill start assist hardware can simplify the process of scaling successfully and safely on the terrain. This technology provides control and handling by adjusting key hardware that manages brake and gas function so that the automobile won't roll in reverse. Hill start assist is an automatic feature, and it always activates when someone uses the brake pedal while the vehicle is positioned on a slope.

By purchasing a Ford EcoSport, you can drive to different destinations without experiencing any power issues on inclined streets. Hill start assist works well on steep terrains because it pulls power from the Ford EcoSport's 2.0 Ti-VCT engine.

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