Ford Lease-end Options

Many people prefer leasing a new vehicle as opposed to making a purchase. There are many advantages to leasing. However, everyone may not be aware of their options once the lease expires. When contemplating the next step, evaluate all of the Ford vehicles at our Kittanning, PA Tri-Star Ford Kittanning facility before making a final decision. Find what you like and take a test drive.

Four months prior to the end of the lease, clients receive a notification. The notice includes information pertaining to potential options, vehicle inspection, and excess wear. In the next couple of months, individuals may discuss options with the dealer. They must also schedule the vehicle for an inspection.

Clients have the option of leasing a different new vehicle. They might also purchase a vehicle. If the leased vehicle meets everyone's needs, the client and their loved ones may decide to keep the vehicle by making a purchase. Individuals also have the option of simply returning the leased vehicle by completing the vehicle return checklist.

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