The Ford Mustang's Build is Key to Its Superior Handling

While many people tend to focus on how cool the Ford Mustang looks; the real secrets are hidden away. Mustang engineers build the car to handle more like a race car. They build on years of research as well as hands-on testing to create a car that is sure to be appreciated by any true driving enthusiast in Kittanning, PA.

Better handling requires precision. To achieve it, the Mustang has an integral link independent rear suspension. This catches and smooths bumps, ensuring the right response to a driver's steering commands.

Utilizing aluminum alloy for the H-arms and rear knuckles, the apparatus is lightweight. This reduces drag and improves the ratio of sprung to unsprung weight. Drivers won't spend time thinking about the car's build, but they will appreciate the results, whether they choose the feisty six-speed manual transmission or the remarkable 10-speed automatic at Tri-Star Ford Kittanning.

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